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Got Gear? Now accepting consignment items, it’s easy tell us what you want to sell and for how much and we will display it in our store and list it online. We do collect a 25% fee when your item sells

All NEW brands of  weapons, ammo &  tactical gear available for order. Give a call and and we will give you a quote.

6.0 diameter, 0.20 Gram, White BB

G&G Armament, 6.0 diameter, 0.20 Gram Perfect BB, $15

Army Padded Suit Size 31 and smaller waist, Jacket and Pants $20

Bio BB, 6.0 diameter, 0.20 Gram, $23

Airsoft Guns & Gear

Personal guns under 350 FPS ARE ALLOWED providing they have an orange tip, are unloaded and in a bag. Outside Tactical gear (vests,facemask,sights etc. permitted most of the time as long as it is safe.)

Air-soft training is a fun sport but can cause welts on bare skin. PLEASE at minimum wear LONG SLEEVES, LONG PANTS the more layers the less it will hurt. We encourage all players to cover all exposed skin during play.

Management reserve the right to refuse any gun or gear for any safety reasons

To find out more call us at: 503-723-3601